Design Consultation: Engagement Photos

27 Oct

I recently got an email from high school friend and fellow blogger, Kyle, who just so happens to be getting married (yea!)!  She’s getting engagement pictures taken soon, and she asked me to give her a few outfit ideas around a dress she found.  I was super flattered because Kyle doesn’t need any fashion advice..but it is always fun to get a fresh perspective!  She’s going for a romantic, vintage, outdoor look.  Michigan is pretty cool right now (highs in the low 50’s), so I wanted to make sure she wasn’t freeeezzzing out there either.

Option 1 (Country…with cowboy boots and southern charm!)

Engagement Photos Option 1

Engagement Photos Option 1

American Eagle Outfitters flared dress, $50
LOFT ribbed cardigan, $50
Urban Outfitters knit stocking, $12
Old Navy bootie boots, $26
Wet Seal stretch belt, $11

Option 2 (Vintage…with lace and oxfords!)

Engagement Outfit Option 2


Engagement Outfit Option 2

American Eagle Outfitters corsette dress, $50
American Eagle Outfitters denim jean jacket, $50
Lace hosiery, $11
H&M leather flat shoes, $25

Option 3 (Classic…with boots and a cardigan!)

Engagement Photos Option 3


Engagement Photos Option 3

American Eagle Outfitters sweetheart neckline dress, $50
Crop top, $40
Brown tight, $14
Charlotte Russe flat shoes, $40

I think Option 3 is the safest choice, and Option 1 is probably what I’d pick for myself, but I was surprised when John told me his favorite was Option 2.  Really?  My husband going for what I consider the most daring choice?  Guess I’ll be adding some lace and oxfords to my wardrobe!  What’s your favorite?



24 Oct

Does anybody else wish that work weeks were 4 days and weekends were (at least) 3 days?  It seems like every weekend, there are so many priorities vying for my attention that something else falls by the wayside.  Okay, it’s always cleaning.  Cleaning always falls by the wayside.  At least I got to have coffee with a friend (and try on some corduroy pants!), visit the pumpkin village at the Arboretum, and chat with another friend (and her adorable baby!).  All in all, still a good weekend.  Just don’t ask my laundry or the vacuum cleaner.

Oh, and thanks to the wonderful comments in this post, I decided to keep the J.Crew chambray top I picked up.  Thanks, ladies–it was the right decision!  Great fabric and fit that will last for years.  Plus, it gave me yet another way to wear this dress as a skirt.

{J.Crew Top-similar, Kohl’s Dress-similar, NY&Co Belt, MIA Shoes, Fossil Watch, Charming Charlies Necklace-similar}

A Cool Breeze

21 Oct

I’ve started to pull items from my winter clothes bins!  It’s funny how each season I’m pleasantly surprised when going through the bins I had so carefully packed up several months before.  I always forget about so many items!  Not that I’ve really started unpacking the bins…oh no, I always start by pawing through them for several weeks until I finally find a Saturday to switch everything out in the closet.  Anyway, this outfit isn’t any winter items–I decided I need to pull out a summer tee to get some more wear in before packing it away (you know, in several weeks when I get around to it).  Happy weekend!  I’ve got too many fun things planned to sit in my closet this weekend!

Brrrr!  It’s cold enough to wear a coat!!

{Khakis: Gap, Shirt: Old Navy, Sweater: Anthropologie, Shoes: Target, Belt: NY&Co, Necklaces: F21 & Fossil, Watch: Fosssil, Coat: F21}

Fort Worth Running Company: Ladies Night

19 Oct

Last week I got the opportunity to attend a “Ladies Night” at Fort Worth Running Company.  They hosted a social run and had drinks, snacks, fittings, AND fashion.  Since those are my 5 favorite things, I knew I had to attend.  Plus, you all know I love Fort Worth Running Company so any excuse to stop in is a good one!  I even got the chance to take photos and model a couple outfits throughout the evening.  I haven’t bought new running gear in awhile, and I was blown away by all the new technology and features offered in running clothes nowadays (whoa–that makes me sound old).  So how about it?  Want to see my favorites of the evening?

Adidas Super Nova Track Jacket (solid grey and sharp purple): $65.00

Adidas Sequence Long Sleeve Tee (sharp purple): $45.00

Soloman Momentum II Tight (black): $75.00

Check out that long sleeved shirt–love the hand holds on it.  It makes it a lot easier to keep the sleeves in place while layering pieces over it.  That sure beats the yanking and fussing I’m always doing when layering winter running gear.  Wait, what am I saying?  I have that problem when layering any clothes.  Let’s get those hand holds put into normal clothes too, how ’bout?  Plus, Texas winters often require gloves only while warming up, so the longer length would be great for giving fingers a little extra warmth without the need to carry gloves the rest of the run.

LEFT Craft 1/2 Zip Light Weight Stretch Pullover (tech blue): $80

Craft Active Run Capri (black): $50.00.

RIGHT Moving Comfort Mobility Long Sleeve Tee (artic blue): $60.00

Moving Comfort Flow Capri (grey): $54.00

I love running capris, and I love that they are available in so many different styles.  I wear them in transitional seasons where I can’t bring myself to put on shorts yet know I’ll be roasting in pants mid-run.  Something about being cold pre-run gets to me even though I know I’ll be fine in a couple miles!  Capris are a perfect fix for that.  Depending on your body type and personal preference, you may opt for a style that tight or loose on the bottom.  Try on a few pairs and see what you like.  I opted for a pair that hits just below my knees and is tight on the bottom.  I’m pear shaped, so I would typically opt for something slightly looser on the bottom, but I found a black pair with some swirls on it that actually minimizes my booty.  Plus, I’m running, so that should be minimizing it too..tee-hee!  Just stay away from any capris that hit closer to your ankles than you see on these ladies–we don’t want to shorten the appearance of the toned legs you’re getting while running!

LEFT Craft Flex Hood Full Zip Jacket (black): $60.00

Moving Comfort S/S Talent Tee (arctic blue): $34.00

Moving Comfort Flow Pant (black): $60.00

RIGHT Soloman XR Jacket (bay blue): $85.00

Soloman Fleet Long Sleeve Tee (bay blue): $50.00

Soloman Trail IV 3/4 Tight (black) $65.00

I tried on a pair of pants similar to the ones on the left, and my first thought was–‘Wait, these aren’t too long?!’  Then I checked the tag and realized I had picked up them up in a ‘short’ length.  I have never been able to find running pants that were the right length up until now!  I actually opted for a version that was tight at the bottom last winter when I couldn’t find something short enough.  Problem solved now!  Oh, and the Soloman Jacket on the right is great–a perfect lightweight wind breaker.  I have a similar one that I wear all the time.

Craft PR Long Sleeve Tee (blue/Honolulu): $60.00

Craft AR Run Skirt (black): $50.00

Yup, you get a picture of me!  And believe me, I did not want to take this outfit off after the event.  This skirt is ahhhhmazing.  The pleats are adorable (tennis, anyone?), but more importantly, the fit was perfect.  It has slightly longer tights underneath which you can’t see from this angle, but I liked that when the skirted “swooshed” when walking / running, you wouldn’t be flashing a lot of leg–just some black tights.  I have a feeling this may be my next running skirt.  The top is great too–a nice, basic long sleeved tee that longer in the back…just like I like it.  Nobody wants to feel the cold wind when bending over to tie your shoes!  Hope you ladies enjoyed!  These items are all available at Fort Worth Running Company, so go check it out!  I’ll put more pics from the night on my Facebook page, so be sure to check those out too!

Fall Trends: Corduroy Pants

17 Oct

Personally, I think cords are a trend every year.  So it’s interesting to note that I don’t own any pairs.  I know I did at one point…wonder what ever happened to those?  Hopefully I gave them to Goodwill so some other lovely lady is enjoying them right now.  Anyhow, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a pair this season.  I’ve mentioned it before, but pants are difficult for me to find in a good fit.  They are something for which I’m willing to pay full price and get alterations.  An ill-fitting pair of pant on someone can ruin an otherwise great look (I know I’ve been guilty of that on several occasions!).  I’m hoping to sneak in a shopping trip to try on some of the styles below and *hopefully* find at least one style that fits!  What about you?  What piece of clothing are you willing to pay up for to find in a good fit?  What’s your favorite style below?  Personally, I think a bootcut cord will withstand the test of time but those skinny cords sure are cute…!

1 – Ann Taylor LOFT $59.50

2 – Ann Taylor LOFT $59.50

3 – Ann Taylor $88

4 – J.Crew $69.50

5 – NY&Co $49.95

6 – Banana Republic $79.50

Fall Layers

14 Oct

I have long been inspired by the style of Blair over at Atlantic-Pacific.  Her ability to mix patterns and textures is amazing.  In looking through my closet today, I was inspired to add an extra layer to my own outfit for a bit more dimension.  It was fun and finally cool enough to try it out!  What about you?  Who are you inspired by lately?  (And no, it doesn’t need to be fashion related!)  Speaking of inspiration, I also attended a fashion show at Fort Worth Running Company this week….so fun!  I’ll be posting on it next week so stay tuned!

{Banana Republic Jeans, Anthropologie Tank, NY&Co Button Up-similar, Kohl’s Sweater, Target Flats}

Trench Coats

12 Oct

I have this thing for coats.  I think it’s the Michigander in me that just won’t let it go.  I’ve been used to so many years of wearing a coat for 6 months of the year that I’m always on the lookout for a new one.  However, I don’t buy a lot of coats.  How could I justify that?!  I live in Texas, where a winter jacket is pulled out twice a year…one of those times being to pack it up for a trip to Michigan.  Part of the reason for leaving my winter jackets in the closet is that my Michigan coats are super warm.  They have to be!  So maybe that’s what I need to do…get a coat that’s not so warm!  On that note, I’ve been perusing trench coats.  They’re such a classic silhouette.  Here’s a couple of my favorites so far:

Top (J.Crew $398)

Bottom (Anthropologie $99.95)

My favorite winter coat is from J.Crew.  In my humble opinion, J.Crew wool outerwear is the best around.  Hands down.  Mine has lasted for a good 7-8 years, continues to stay classic, and I still get compliments on how beautiful it is.  This particular J.Crew trench is way out of my price range, but isn’t that tulle on the inside adorable?  My inner ballerina loves it.

Anthropologie consistently has the most whimsical and detailed clothing around.  A bright red trench with a corseted back?  Stunning.  Red (along with black and khaki) are so classic to me as well.  If you’re not big into bright colors, you can call me crazy, but when has red ever been out of style?  It also happens to be on sale, so go snatch it up!  Do you already own a trench coat, or do you share my obsession with coats in general?

A day of rain

10 Oct

Remember that bridge that you’ve seen in some of my photos (here, here, here)?  Well, Texas finally got some rain.  LOTS of rain.  So here’s what it looked like today.  And yes, I did dress in gray in honor of the weather. It felt nice having a cool, cloudy, rainy day after so many months of heat and drought.  Praise the Lord for rain, even though my jobsite is going to be a mess tomorrow and it will probably disrupt pier drilling operations.  It’s still about time we got some rain!

{Target Pants, NY&Co Sweater, Old Navy Shirt, Franco Sarto Shoes}

In other news, I tried a gel manicure Saturday night.  I did zero research on it and got it on a complete whim.  I’ll let you know how I like it in a few weeks!  I don’t often get dark colors, but it’s fall , so why not?  Did you do something impulsive this weekend? Getting a manicure is pretty tame, so I bet you’ll beat mine!

The Search for Chambray

7 Oct

I’d like to share a little ‘first world problem’ I’ve been having the last few months (that’s the term John and I use to describe issues that are obviously only a concern because our lives are just fine).  Anyhow, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for awhile for a chambray shirt.  Now, they’re virtually everywhere, but for some reason, every one I found was way out of my price range or too light or too dark or had too much color variation–you get the point.  Months, people.  I’ve been looking for months.  However, last week while grocery shopping, I ran across this little number at Target.

Target ($22.99)

It’s pretty much everything I want except that I prefer a standard shirt collar.  However, the ruffles are cute so I made an exception and purchased it (and okay, this one too).  Then a couple days later, I found out J.Crew was having a sale on their sale items, and I ran across another chambray shirt…WITH a collar.

J.Crew ($98.00 –the one I found was around $37 on sale and a little darker in color, but this is the closest picture I could find)

So then I’m torn.  It’s more expensive than the Target version, but it does have the collar I want.  I decide to order it so I can try both on side by side.  It arrived a couple days ago and is perfect, so I’m leaning towards keeping it even though it’s an extra $15.  BUT, then I stumbled across yet another chambray shirt today at Old Navy.

Old Navy ($19.50)

It’s got all the attributes I want AND it’s the cheapest version.  So now I’m thinking to myself that I need to purchase this version and return the other two.  But what a pain.  Returns are such a pain.  See my dilemma, people?  First world problems, I tell ‘ya.  I go months with nothing, and now 3 options in a week.  So what’s your favorite–which one would you keep?  And please don’t tell me you found more for me to look at. 😉

Anthro Sale!

5 Oct

Anthropologie is having a sale on several already-on-sale items…an extra 25% off until 10/10!  Just thought you should know–if you’re an Anthro lover, you know this is rare!  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites, and I’d love to hear about yours, too!

Silk Buttondown: $49.95 $37.46

So Saturated Blazer: $49.95 $37.46

Lapel Skirt: $49.95 $37.46

Lemon Liftoff Blouse: $59.95 $44.96

Long Jane Loungers: $29.95 $22.46

Sheer Silhouette Top: $49.95 $37.46