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Cowtown Half Marathon

28 Feb

Just wanted to share a few photos from the half-marathon (13.1 miles) I ran yesterday morning! It was warm and humid, but I managed to push through it and finish in 2:19:44. Not a personal record (PR), but I’ll take it! I was so glad my friend, Michelle, decided to join me in the run because we were both able to encourage each other throughout the race. Special props go out to the husband who cheered me on at 3 locations! John is so supportive of my running—just makes me love him all the more! He even got me to run the Cowtown 5k with him on Saturday morning! I’ll be back to a normal post on Wednesday, but this weekend has been fun and busy, and now it’s time to kick back and let my legs rest!


5k Finish

My Cowtown Running Partner Michelle!

Another Running Buddy, Liz!

The Runners and Supporting Husbands 🙂


Sole Sourced: Old Navy – Stripes and Florals

24 Feb

It’s spring in Texas (sorry to all you Northerners!), and that’s got me thinking of spring style lately. I’ve been noticing a lot of stripes and floral prints (here, here, here) so I decided to start my “Sole Sourced” series out with that theme. “Sole Sourced” is just what it sounds like—I’ll bring you to one store for a whole outfit! Old Navy is a good place to start since they are reasonably priced and have lots of basics with a few trends thrown in there. I hope you like this outfit, because I plan to head to Old Navy in the near future to try it on, which means you’ll probably see it in another post! It’s a little light on accessories, but I like to keep it simple with work wear, since it often gets in the way when I’m out in the field checking things. Yeah, that’s right. I get to be this casual at work! Anyone else able to wear this to work? Are you as excited as I am about stripes and florals?

Shirt (Old Navy): $14.50

Pants (Old Navy): $25.00 – Earl Gray

Scarf (Old Navy): $10.00

Purse (Old Navy): $28.50

Shoes (Old Navy): $24.50

TOTAL: $102.50

(assuming you don’t use any coupon codes, which can often be found here)

As an aside, I plan to start posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so check back often! If you have any questions, want some help creating an outfit, or have a suggestion for a post, I’d love to hear it! Have a great weekend! (I’ll be running a half marathon, so you’ll be hearing about that on Monday!)

Re-Engineered: Anthropologie “Habitat” Outfit

22 Feb

Okay, guys. I’m branching out. Technically, there’s no “key” piece in this re-engineered outfit. To be honest, I love the belt, but who wants to spend $38 on a green belt? Nevertheless, let’s move forward, because I love this Anthropologie outfit to pieces. And I really, really love the hat. Confession time—I’m a hat person. So now I have an excuse to buy a fedora. I don’t actually own a fedora yet, so here’s the perfect opportunity to go get one. Without further ado, here’s the original Anthro outfit:

Anthro “Habitat” Look (Total: $352 excluding shoes)

Here’s my less expensive version with an added pair of shoes, which are another obsession of mine. I wanted some espadrilles this summer, and Target just happened to oblige with a peep toe version. They come in several colors, and any color would work with this outfit, so just pick whatever works with the rest of your wardrobe. If you’ve read about me, then you know I couldn’t wear this outfit to work, but I figure a girl’s got to have a weekend, right? As always, I love you for commenting. Have a great Tuesday!

TOTAL: $148.37 (INCLUDING shoes!)

Dress (Kohl’s): $45

Sweater (Ann Taylor LOFT): $44.50—on sale for $33.38

Belt (Roxy): $16

Fedora (Nordstrom): $29

Shoes (Target): $24.99

Design Review: Ann Taylor LOFT

20 Feb

With all the sales going on for President’s Day, I decided to do a little shopping this afternoon. I stopped in at Ann Taylor LOFT to try on the cargo pants I suggested as a key piece in this post. Here are the realizations I came to while determining whether to purchase them:

Realization #1:

The model is at least 6′-8” tall because those pants make her legs look at least a mile long.

Realization #2:

I am 5′-4” tall and need to wear these closer to knee length so the proportions look right. For reference, these pants are a size 6 regular. They didn’t have them in petite or short at the store, but it didn’t really matter since I just rolled them up a bit more.

Realization #3:

I already have a white button up shirt, navy sweater, and peep toe pumps so that I could wear a similar version of the outfit with only the purchase of pants and belt. (I do like the striped sweater better, but we all have to live within our budget, right?!)

Realization #4:

I often end up liking the way pants look from the front but don’t like it from the side (anyone else have a booty like mine?) I was pleasantly surprised that these worked fairly well, especially with the sweater.

Realization #5:

These pants do not look good unrolled, BUT they do work with flats! Bonus points for versatility.

So did I purchase them?

I did, in fact, buy them at 25% off for around $45. I may hold on to them for a bit to see if they go on further sale, but I decided to take the plunge because I liked that they were comfortable, different than anything I already own, and versatile for the summer since I hate shorts (more on that later). For some of you (like me), splurging on pants is the way to go since they are much more difficult to find in a good fit.  As always, you can make my day by leaving a comment!  Hope that you have a wonderful week!

Wolf Creek

17 Feb

Just thought you may enjoy a few pics from the mountain!


14 Feb

Warm temperatures came back to Texas this week, so I decided to break out my patent navy flats without socks. We actually left the warm temperatures behind though and headed out this to Colorado to go snowboarding this week, so in reality, I’m back to wearing fleece pants and Merrells. Who doesn’t wear that after a day at the mountains? Somehow I don’t mind the cold and snow when I can actually DO something enjoyable in it.

Oh yeah! It’s Valentine’s Day! I sorta forgot about it. Does anyone else not really celebrate Valentine’s Day? John and I have never really gotten into it, and plus, we’re snowboarding for a week, so what better gift could there be? Hope your Vday was great, though! I’d love to hear how you did or did not celebrate!



Fashion Expansion: Booties

10 Feb

Do you own a pair? Do you wish you owned a pair? Speaking as a shoe fanatic (can you really ever own enough?!), I decided to kick off my “Fashion Expansion” posts with a type of footwear. “Fashion Expansion” is about exploring current trends and finding ways to fit them in with your own sense of style, at a low cost (of course!), because who wants to drop a lot of money on something you’re trying for the first time? Anyway, let’s move on to the actual post.

I’m loving booties as a fun and easy way to change up an outfit. Whether you’re a heels-only girl or a fan-o-flats, there are lots of options out there right now for booties. For as little as $17, you can add a new option to your wardrobe. Tuck your skinny jeans into them or wear them with skirts and tights. I especially liked how Sydney from The Daybook chose to wear them with her jeans rolled up. Granted, hers are more like boots, but I think Option 3 below could work that way as well.

Let me know how you wear your booties!  Personally, Option 2 is calling my name, so I may need to get another pair.

Option 1: Forever 21, $16.99

Option 2: Aldo, $24.49 (Black), $38.49 (Cognac)

Option 3: Blowfish, $39.95

Option 4: Naughty Monkey, $29.94 (Side note: These are wedges, and thus a comfy heel option!)

Here’s how I wore booties last night:

Re-engineered Style: Ann Taylor LOFT

8 Feb


Ann Taylor LOFT Look (Total: $237.50 excluding shoes):

I was browsing through Ann Taylor LOFT outfit ideas today and ran across this one. Oddly enough, I was drawn to the slim cargo pants because it’s a style I haven’t tried yet. I decided to make the cargo pants my key item since, in my opinion, pants are the most difficult piece to fit in a good fit and are versatile for outfits to come. Ideally, I would try these on in the store and wait for them to go on sale, but I figured I could recreate the rest of the outfit with less expensive items for the time being. It’s a weekend outfit, although all I would need to do to bring it into work would be to switch out the heels for some navy patent flats and wear the pants long instead of rolled up. (Because if I can’t wear it to work, what’s the point in spending so much money?!) I also took some liberties with the sweater and heels, but I think the general idea holds. Enjoy and let me know if you like it!

Pants (Ann Taylor LOFT): $59.50

Belt (Dillard’s): $17.00

Navy Flower (Etsy Shop – 4SistersCreations) $6.00

Shirt (Charlotte Russe): $15.49

Cardigan (Forever 21): $24.80

Shoes (Target): $29.99

Necklace (Target): $19.98

TOTAL: $172.76 (INCLUDING shoes!)


Snow Days

5 Feb

I remember snow days as a little kid.  One in particular, actually.  There was so much snow that we dug out a large section to make an igloo.  In my head, this igloo was enormous.  In reality, it was probably just big enough for a couple of third graders to fit inside.  Either way, it was a great snow day.

Texas had 4 snow days this week, although to be fair, 3 of them were really “ice” days, which aren’t nearly as fun.  I ended up working from home for 3 of the days, and it turns out that I really enjoy drinking coffee in my pj’s while working on the computer.   And of course, I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos outside since snow is such a rare occurrence.  Considering most of the US was also caught in this snowstorm, I hope you enjoyed some snow days this week as well!

Tank: Old Navy, Shirt: Damsel via Urban Outfitters, Sweater: NY&Co, Jeans: Banana Republic, Boots: Palladium, Belt: Aldo