Re-Engineered: J.Crew

2 Mar

Today I’m feeling less sore and ready to run again (well, maybe not QUITE yet), but regardless, I think a couple more days of flats are in order to heal my feet! And you all are in luck, because I found this little beauty at J.Crew:

J.Crew (Look #4): $475

And you know what else? I couldn’t decide on just one outfit to match it, so I made two! The first selection includes the J.Crew blue sweatshirt as my key piece. I thought I would surely be able to find something similar for less, but alas, it was not the case. J.Crew really does have stunning colors for their clothing and it is difficult to find replications of the color elsewhere (for less money). As for the rest of the outfit, I somewhat selfishly chose the cropped pants from Target because they’re a bit shorter (which would end up being longer on me), and I would definitely need the J.Crew version hemmed so they wouldn’t be high water pants.

Sweatshirt (J.Crew): $59.50

White Shirt (Walmart): $6.00

Scarf (Kohl’s): $18.00

Pants (Target): $21.99

Shoes (Forever 21): $9.80

TOTAL: $115.29

So that’s a lot cheaper, right? Well, what if you like the style but still can’t bring yourself to pay almost $60 for a sweatshirt? No problem. How about we try something in purple and grey instead? The Express scarf is so gorgeous, so versatile, and really ties it all together. Did I mention it’s on sale? I do miss the floral shoes in this outfit, and I may be purchasing those anyway because they’re just so darn cute. Hope you enjoy and let me know which outfit you like better!

Sweatshirt (Target): $24.99

Purple Shirt (Walmart): $7.00

Scarf (Express): $20.93

Pants (Target): $21.99

Shoes (Forever 21): $9.80

Total: $84.71

P.S. I love the bright red lipstick on the J.Crew model. Maybe we should all try that out too?


2 Responses to “Re-Engineered: J.Crew”

  1. Elya March 2, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    I really wish I knew how to wear the scarves because I am loving them. And no matter what I believe that blue J.Crew sweater is a must have.

  2. Shannon March 6, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    ADORE the first look! I think I must go shopping. 🙂

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