Search for a New Laptop Bag

25 Mar

Okay, friends. I’m posting a bit late today. My lovely vehicle decided to stop working yesterday evening while out running errands after work. It could have been much worse, but all said and done, I got home from work after 10 pm. A special shout out to my friend, Jennifer, who let me borrow her Jeep today to get to work. My car is now fixed, and I am now $350 poorer, but at least I have a way to get to work again on Monday! And for your sanity, I won’t even go into how much we spent on John’s car today getting it fixed too. Let’s just say that if today were a shopping spree, I’d be wearing designer clothing and holding the lovely bag below.

Now moving on to the lovely bag below. I recently got a new laptop at work (yea!), and it no longer fits in my laptop bag (boo!). So in looking for a new bag, I also learned that finding laptop bags that fit larger than 15” laptops is difficult. It could also be that I’m looking for something a bit more stylish than a backpack, in which case, there are plenty of options. The way I see it, I’m toting this bag around everyday and should give it the same attention I do a purse. So tonight I’m dreaming that this bag wasn’t so expensive and that it fit a 17” laptop. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll continue my search to find the perfect bag!  Happy Friday everyone!

Ralph Lauren Tote Bag ($223.50)


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