Pattern Mixing

18 Apr

Sooooo, late last week I may or may not have made my husband sick with my cooking. Well, actually, I admit it, I’m pretty sure I did make him sick. See, the two of us aren’t big mayonnaise fans. We keep it in the fridge for one meal–chicken salad. Do you see where this is going? It was a busy night, so I made a quick chicken salad meal, ate it and put the leftovers in the fridge for John. Admittedly I felt a bit queasy later that night, but for me, a sensitive stomach is pretty standard. John had a little later that night and then another serving the following day for lunch…at which point, he was down for the count. And then I checked the expiration date on the mayonnaise. Oops. So let’s just say I get no Suzy Homemaker points for cooking this week. Poor guy. I don’t think we’ll be having mayonnaise for awhile.

Side note, I decided to mix patterns for this outfit. I’ve been seeing stripes and flowers worn together everywhere, and it’s inspiring me to mix more patterns together. Why not?! Creates some visual interest.

(Pants: Old Navy, Shirt: Old Navy, Jacket: NY&Co – similar, Shoes: ? – similar , Socks: Kohl’s)


2 Responses to “Pattern Mixing”

  1. Julie Folkert April 18, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    A black cat is the ultimate accessory… a timeless classic that compliments most every outfit.

    • Jenni April 19, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

      It’s true! My 2 other models complete my wardrobe. I love that it looks like I’m holding Jack by the foot in the picture. Poor guy…just minding his own business walking through the back yard.

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