Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I was fortunate to have my mom in town for this Mother’s Day. It was great to get the opportunity to spend the day with her, bumming around town having Sonic snacks and walking in the park. It’s hard living far from family, so I sure love it when they come to visit!

I haven’t done any shopping for awhile (so busy with home improvements!), so I decided to do a bit of window shopping at Anthropologie instead. I pretty much stick to their sale section, considering it’s all I can afford and / or justify. These are my current favorites…full of stripes, flowers, and flowing shapes. What are your window shopping favorites right now?

1 – Translucent Dolman Tee ($19.95)

 2 – Endless Horizons Top ($29.95)

 3 – Full Flourish Cardigan ($29.95)

 4 – Visionary Skirt ($19.95)

 5 – Paperbag Knit Crops ($29.95)

 6 – Triumvirate Belts ($29.95) Three belts for the price of one?! Yes, please!

7 – Stacked Window Wedges ($229.95) Okay, fine. Still out of my price range. A girl can dream, right?

 8 – Curiosity Shop Necklace ($29.95)

 9 – Cloudscape Socks ($4.95)


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