Sole Sourced: Target Go BRIGHT!

30 May

First off, Happy Memorial Day!  A special thanks to those who have served out country, including my grandpa, my brothers, an uncle, cousins, and many friends.  Your service is incredible, and I am so humbled by the sacrifices that you and your families have made in service to our country.

Moving on to today’s outfit selection.  It’s summer in Texas now (hello 90+ temps every day!), and for some reason, that makes me want to wear bright colors.  Bright doesn’t mean it can’t be versatile though.   Switch out the skirt for some white pants, or switch out the top for a white, black, chambray top and off you go!

There just so happens to be a Target right down the street, and since today concludes a fabulous 3 day weekend, I think I’ll head over and check this outfit out.

Each item is from Target!

Top: $22.99

Skirt: $29.99

Shoes: $24.99 (they come in lots of colors!)

Watch: $12.99

Bracelet: $19.99 (In Stores Only—A bit pricey for a bracelet, but it looks so comfy and would go with everything!)

Earrings: $9.99

TOTAL: $120.94


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