Design Review: Target Go BRIGHT!

1 Jun

I couldn’t resist, ladies!  I had to go try on Monday’s outfit at Target.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  For reference, I’m 5’4″, wearing a size small skirt and medium shirt.  (Excuse the weird hair.  Day off = Minimum effort) Here’s my review:

Thought #1:

I LOVE bright colors!  These colors don’t fail to impress.  The blue is brilliant.  The green / yellow is luxe.  I think the shirt could be challenging to wear separately, though, since it’s a very distinct color.  I could be up for a challenge though!  I think it may call for a pair of white jeans. Hmmm, I suspect I could be falling into a trap.  Buy this to match that, then buy this to match this other thing.

Thought #2:

This is one of the first high waisted skirts that I’ve found that looks good on me.  I think it’s because it’s not uber-poofy (oh yeah, that’s a word).  It’s enough do a bit of camouflage work instead of drawing attention with its poofiness.  I love that it looks like I’m checking out my own booty in this picture (wait, I guess I am).  No worries for you taller ladies.  It would look good worn lower too!

Thought #3:

I also tried it out with a tighter tank top.  You know–poofy bottoms looks good with tight tops and vice versa.  I did actually like it (plus, the green / yellow color was a PERFECT match) but I think the shirt with the sleeves makes it a bit more grown up.  Plus, it’s always comfier to wear something loose in the hot summer.

Thought #4:

Accessories.  I do like this bracelet, but wasn’t able to justify it for around $20.  Maybe next month?  I’m also still holding out for this white watch.  And lastly, they didn’t have my size in any of the espadrilles, but I love, love, love how they looked so I bought them online in blush patent leather (check ’em out!).  (Blush / nude patent leather shoes have been on my list for awhile–remember this post?)

So what do you think, ladies?  Would you try out this look?  I decided to take the plunge into summer and get it!

Here’s a reminder of the items from the last post:

Top: $22.99

Skirt: $29.99

Shoes: $24.99 (they come in lots of colors!)

Watch: $12.99

Bracelet: $19.99 (In Stores Only)

Earrings: $9.99

TOTAL: $120.94


2 Responses to “Design Review: Target Go BRIGHT!”

  1. Posky June 7, 2011 at 9:20 pm #

    The outfits are great and everything (especially the first one) but I’m pretty sure taking photos of anything is totally illegal. You can probably even go to jail just for talking about doing it. There are only three states that allow it, maybe less.

    It’s sort of like how you can’t take photos of a naked baby, even if it’s your own. There’s just no way to protect yourself from laws like that because, eventually, you’re going to photograph a naked baby- even if you never meant to.

    • Jenni June 8, 2011 at 11:53 am #

      Thanks for the advice. I’ll have to look into that some more. I did purchase this outfit, so maybe that plays into the equation as well. Either way, something to consider for sure!

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