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Day 16: Menswear

31 Aug

We are, my friends, in a busy week.  My twinsie’s baby shower is Sunday, and I’m currently trying to make decorations, do laundry, pack, plus work a few extra hours…thank goodness John helped out tonight with some decorations.  At least one of us is calm.  I’ll let you guess which one.

{Old Navy Khaki, NY&Co Shirt, Vest, and Tank, Banana Republic Jacket, Ecco Shoes}


Day 15: The Hair Experiment

30 Aug

So it’s a funny story, really.  Our Roomba destroyed my curling iron a few months ago.  It pulled it off the counter by the cord and then twisted the cord until some bare wires were visible.  My husband (the electrical engineer) suggested we wrap it with some electrical tape.  My suggestion?  Well, let’s just say it involved a trash can.  Thus, today’s challenge was a teensy bit difficult.  I decided to copy cat again with a hair style I’ve seen Molly over at Urban Nester wear several times.  Nothing earth shattering…just a few twists for a busy Monday morning!  (I mean, come on…remember last Monday?  Today was no different.)

{Target Jeans, F21 Top, Kohl’s Cardigan, Gifted Necklace, Sperry Shoes}

Day 14: Copy Cat

29 Aug

Today I reaffirmed my distaste for shorts.  I decided to push myself a bit and venture out with a new pair of shorts (on sale, of course…I actually posted an outfit idea with them here!).  The always lovely Kendi wears them so well, so I picked this look to copy as part of today’s challenge.  I figured that we’re on track for 60+ days over 100 degrees, so I probably need to learn to wear shorts.

7.20.11e{Kendi Everyday}

So here’s what happened…We drove back from San Antonio, stopped off at IKEA and an outlet mall, and the heels only lasted a couple hours before I changed into flats.  Plus, I forgot to pack the belt so it only made an appearance late in the day.  After all the walking around and sitting in the car, I realized that I’d much rather have been wearing one of my skirts!

{Old Navy Shorts, Old Navy Shirt, Fossil Watch, MIA Shoes, F21 Necklace}

Day 13: Wear a Dress or Skirt

28 Aug

A skirt was the perfect choice for the 100+ degree heat while walking around the San Antonio Riverwalk.  John and I met up with his Aunt and a friend, who were here visiting John’s cousin, Anthony, a.k.a. one of the newest members of the United States Air Force!  Yeesh…talk about hard core basic training in the middle of the Texas summer!

These photos were taken about 0.0003 seconds before I started sweating myself.  At least the Riverwalk was shaded quite a bit.  John and I also found out that the Riverwalk is quite long.  We got a hotel along the Riverwalk and walked to meet his family, and it ended up being a 20-30 minute walk!  Oops!  Today’s schedule includes a day at the pool, so I’ll see you tomorrow!

{Target Skirt, Target Shirt, Sunny Feet Shoes, Fossil Watch}

Day 12: Jazz up Jeans and a Tee

27 Aug

Skinny jeans are a Friday favorite.  Add in some bright pops of color and patterns, and you’ve got my recipe for a quick and easy outfit.  Have a wonderful weekend!  I’m in San Antonio, ready to check out the riverwalk, so I’ll see you all tomorrow!

{Banana Republic Jeans, Anthropologie Top, Express Cardigan, F21 Necklace, Fossil Watch, Bamboo Shoes}

Day 11: Neutral Base with a pop of color

26 Aug

*Note* I’ve swapped days 11 and 13 since I can’t wear a skirt to work…I know you all were concerned.  Go ahead and get a good night’s sleep, because I know this concern was going to keep you up at night…

If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you’ve seen me wear scarves quite a bit (like this, this, this, and this).  So I knew right away my pop of color would be a scarf.  Recently, I saw another blogger wear it under the collar of a jacket (I wish I could remember who!), and I loved it.  But, the best part of this outfit is the feeling of this jacket—ahhhhhmazing.  Super soft and almost like silk.  More than I normally spend, especially since it’s a jacket that’s meant to be wrinkly and a bit more casual (Read this as meaning I have no obligation to iron it).  Absolutely, totally worth it.  Quality–just the type of item I like to add to the inexpensive basics in the rest of my outfit.

Oh, and I’m thinking about applying to become a “Big Sister” in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program.  Anybody ever done it?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

{Target Jean, Thrifted Gap Black Top-similar, Banana Republic Jacket-similar, Kelly & Katie Shoes-similar, Gifted Scarf-similar & Earrings, Fossil Necklace}

Day 10: Wear a closet orphan

25 Aug

Sooooo, busy day at work, which you can tell since the photos are taken at dusk!  Let’s just get straight to the point, then.  I pulled a pink tank from my box of summer clothes still packed away as today’s “closet orphan” (don’t ask me why it’s August and I still have summer clothes packed away).  I bought this last year, but I’ve had trouble styling it because it’s pretty boxy and made of a stiff cotton.  What do you think?  Should I keep it?

{Old Navy Khakis, Old Navy Tank, Old Navy Blazer, Bamboo Shoes, Kohl’s Necklace}

Day 9: Monochrome

24 Aug

I’ve decided that my fall wish list is going to include some seriously bright pants….like maybe these or these.  I wish I could find bright colors in straight leg jeans instead of skinny jeans since it seems more work appropriate, but so far, no luck.  In the meantime, I decided to stick with a khaki / brown color palette for a monochromatic look.    Love that it gave me a chance to wear my wood bead necklace from my mom.  So far, this challenge has given me fresh perspective on my closet and all the mixing and matching that I have available at my disposal.  I even found a box of “summer” clothes that I never unpacked this summer.  Those need to move into rotation stat.  Good thing Texas is still 100+, so I’ll have at least another month to wear them (and sorry to say, probably longer).

Are you guys getting excited about bright jeans too, or do you think you’ll sit this trend out?  What colors are your favorite? P.S. Go check out the rest of the lovelies in this 21 Day Challenge.

{Old Navy Khakis, Old Navy Tshirt, NY&Co Tank, Target Mossimo Blazer, Sperry Shoes-similar, Express Flower Necklace, Gifted Bead Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelets}

Day 8: Mix Fancy and Casual

23 Aug

Every time Monday morning rolls around (which is roughly once a week), I keep thinking I’ll magically be able to get up at 5 am to do my devotions and work out.  So far, I’ve managed to oversleep just about every week.  And not just oversleep and get up at my normal time….no, I oversleep and then startle awake realizing that I’m going to be late to work.  Every morning, I continue to hit the snooze for a looooooong time (just ask John).  I would say I could just move the alarm clock, but I typically get up to let the cats out in the morning and then fall back into bed without so much as a second thought.  I know going to bed earlier would help, but when getting home from work and eating dinner finishes around 8:30…it’s too depressing to start getting ready for bed then!  So you can take my ponytail for today’s 21 Day Challenge as either (a) waking up too late, or (b) the casual part of the outfit to accentuate the cargo shirt.  I’m going with (b).  And pretty, pretty, please send your suggestions for waking up early!

{Target Jeans, Old Navy Cargo Shirt-similar, The Limited Lace Top-similar, NY&Co Tank, Gifted Jewelry, Bamboo Shoes}


Day 7: Layer Accessories

22 Aug

I’m really surprised I even changed out of my pajamas on Sunday.  We went to church on Saturday, and the only plans for Sunday were some crafts, cleaning, and laundry…which in my humble opinion, practically REQUIRES staying in one’s pajamas.  Lucky for me, I remembered that I was participating in the 21 Day Challenge, so I decided to at least make a small effort.  And it turns out it was worth it, because I was rewarded with an invitation by friends to grill out tonight.  So there you have it.  Get dressed…and end up with a place to go.

{Target Dress-similar, Gap Tshirt, Target Sandals-similar, F21 Necklace-similar, Gifted Earrings, Gifted Necklace…from husband!}