Day 21: Work it!

7 Sep

Sunday was the last day of the 21 Day Challenge, which was such a fun challenge (but I am ready for a break!).  Plus, Sunday was the baby shower for my twinsie, Alli!  I decided to celebrate the day’s challenge of “working it” by selecting a new dress that Alli sent me for my birthday to wear to the shower.  I didn’t get a chance for some “outfit” photos outside of the shower, but that just gives me an excuse to share shower photos with you instead!  My mom, aunts, cousins, and sister all helped with the shower, and I scoped out all the ideas from Pinterest.  That site is so fun.  Anyway, without further ado…photo overload.  We love you, Alli!!  Can’t wait to meet baby girl!

Alli, the guest of honor!

Decorations---Flowers from my Aunt's Garden!

Mmmmmm, punch!

Ice Cream Themed Goodie Bags (with Alli's favorite candy!)

Craft Time!

My crafty sister, Kara!

Look at those skills!

The finished onesies with the momma-to-be

Gifts for the parents-to-be!

Are those not the cutest booties ever?! Flip-flops?!


My mom's work-of-art ice cream cake....super yummy!

Sisters with Grandma!


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