Going for a Run

19 Sep

Did I ever mention that I like to run?  I have a couple marathons and several half-marathons under my belt at the moment…most recently being the Cowtown Half this past February.  Admittedly, Texas summers have added an off-season to my running, but I recently started up again.  I’m hoping to do a couple half-marathons this winter (ironic that I’m always in better shape when sweaters are in season), so I thought I would share the journey with you.  We’ll start with a path down memory lane.  My running started in high school as a way to stay in shape for soccer season.  I had an amazing cross country coach (yeah Coach Y!) who knew just how to handle a group of crazy high school girls.  I remember one practice in particular…he was trying to get us to work out our arms during practice to improve our overall running.  We spent the day at the track running with a soup can in each hand.  Tough work!  The best part, though, was the hodge-podge soup we made at the end of it.  Surprisingly yummy!

I’m hoping to use running posts as a way for many of us to share stories of our own fitness goals, memories, struggles, and achievements.  I’m also one of the most un-fashionable people out there when it comes to running (which, to be honest, doesn’t bother me), but maybe by posting some pictures, I’ll put a smidgen more effort into it.  I did just get a super cute running skirt from Fort Worth Running Company, so I’ll have to do a review on it soon.  So what do you think?  Do you have any running or fitness goals right now?  Let’s both encourage each other and hold each other accountable!

The most recent half marathon...a bit rough, so I'm training harder this time!

Yep, that's me after a recent run. Gotta have a before pic, right?


3 Responses to “Going for a Run”

  1. Carla September 19, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    so does this mean you’ll be joining us on Saturday morning runs??

    • Jenni September 20, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

      That’s the plan in a couple weeks! I’m starting with 4-5 miles the next few weekends, but once it bumps over 6 miles, I’ll be heading down for the Saturday morning runs!

  2. Anne September 23, 2011 at 11:11 am #

    For starters, I see nothing wrong/unstylish with your running outfit – functional is important. That’s about what I usually look like…. but your pink shorts add some nice pizazz that my gray ones don’t have 🙂

    And I’m impressed with your past races! My New Year’s resolution was to run a 5k, which I did in May, and since then I’ve just kept running. I’m up to 9 miles now – so I’m thinking a half-marathon may be in order. That is just craziness to me, since at the beginning of the year, I really was not a runner – so I do need some accountability to not wimp out just because 13.1 miles still sounds intimidating!

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