Design Consultation: Engagement Photos

27 Oct

I recently got an email from high school friend and fellow blogger, Kyle, who just so happens to be getting married (yea!)!  She’s getting engagement pictures taken soon, and she asked me to give her a few outfit ideas around a dress she found.  I was super flattered because Kyle doesn’t need any fashion advice..but it is always fun to get a fresh perspective!  She’s going for a romantic, vintage, outdoor look.  Michigan is pretty cool right now (highs in the low 50’s), so I wanted to make sure she wasn’t freeeezzzing out there either.

Option 1 (Country…with cowboy boots and southern charm!)

Engagement Photos Option 1

Engagement Photos Option 1

American Eagle Outfitters flared dress, $50
LOFT ribbed cardigan, $50
Urban Outfitters knit stocking, $12
Old Navy bootie boots, $26
Wet Seal stretch belt, $11

Option 2 (Vintage…with lace and oxfords!)

Engagement Outfit Option 2


Engagement Outfit Option 2

American Eagle Outfitters corsette dress, $50
American Eagle Outfitters denim jean jacket, $50
Lace hosiery, $11
H&M leather flat shoes, $25

Option 3 (Classic…with boots and a cardigan!)

Engagement Photos Option 3


Engagement Photos Option 3

American Eagle Outfitters sweetheart neckline dress, $50
Crop top, $40
Brown tight, $14
Charlotte Russe flat shoes, $40

I think Option 3 is the safest choice, and Option 1 is probably what I’d pick for myself, but I was surprised when John told me his favorite was Option 2.  Really?  My husband going for what I consider the most daring choice?  Guess I’ll be adding some lace and oxfords to my wardrobe!  What’s your favorite?


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