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Fort Worth Running Company: Ladies Night

19 Oct

Last week I got the opportunity to attend a “Ladies Night” at Fort Worth Running Company.  They hosted a social run and had drinks, snacks, fittings, AND fashion.  Since those are my 5 favorite things, I knew I had to attend.  Plus, you all know I love Fort Worth Running Company so any excuse to stop in is a good one!  I even got the chance to take photos and model a couple outfits throughout the evening.  I haven’t bought new running gear in awhile, and I was blown away by all the new technology and features offered in running clothes nowadays (whoa–that makes me sound old).  So how about it?  Want to see my favorites of the evening?

Adidas Super Nova Track Jacket (solid grey and sharp purple): $65.00

Adidas Sequence Long Sleeve Tee (sharp purple): $45.00

Soloman Momentum II Tight (black): $75.00

Check out that long sleeved shirt–love the hand holds on it.  It makes it a lot easier to keep the sleeves in place while layering pieces over it.  That sure beats the yanking and fussing I’m always doing when layering winter running gear.  Wait, what am I saying?  I have that problem when layering any clothes.  Let’s get those hand holds put into normal clothes too, how ’bout?  Plus, Texas winters often require gloves only while warming up, so the longer length would be great for giving fingers a little extra warmth without the need to carry gloves the rest of the run.

LEFT Craft 1/2 Zip Light Weight Stretch Pullover (tech blue): $80

Craft Active Run Capri (black): $50.00.

RIGHT Moving Comfort Mobility Long Sleeve Tee (artic blue): $60.00

Moving Comfort Flow Capri (grey): $54.00

I love running capris, and I love that they are available in so many different styles.  I wear them in transitional seasons where I can’t bring myself to put on shorts yet know I’ll be roasting in pants mid-run.  Something about being cold pre-run gets to me even though I know I’ll be fine in a couple miles!  Capris are a perfect fix for that.  Depending on your body type and personal preference, you may opt for a style that tight or loose on the bottom.  Try on a few pairs and see what you like.  I opted for a pair that hits just below my knees and is tight on the bottom.  I’m pear shaped, so I would typically opt for something slightly looser on the bottom, but I found a black pair with some swirls on it that actually minimizes my booty.  Plus, I’m running, so that should be minimizing it too..tee-hee!  Just stay away from any capris that hit closer to your ankles than you see on these ladies–we don’t want to shorten the appearance of the toned legs you’re getting while running!

LEFT Craft Flex Hood Full Zip Jacket (black): $60.00

Moving Comfort S/S Talent Tee (arctic blue): $34.00

Moving Comfort Flow Pant (black): $60.00

RIGHT Soloman XR Jacket (bay blue): $85.00

Soloman Fleet Long Sleeve Tee (bay blue): $50.00

Soloman Trail IV 3/4 Tight (black) $65.00

I tried on a pair of pants similar to the ones on the left, and my first thought was–‘Wait, these aren’t too long?!’  Then I checked the tag and realized I had picked up them up in a ‘short’ length.  I have never been able to find running pants that were the right length up until now!  I actually opted for a version that was tight at the bottom last winter when I couldn’t find something short enough.  Problem solved now!  Oh, and the Soloman Jacket on the right is great–a perfect lightweight wind breaker.  I have a similar one that I wear all the time.

Craft PR Long Sleeve Tee (blue/Honolulu): $60.00

Craft AR Run Skirt (black): $50.00

Yup, you get a picture of me!  And believe me, I did not want to take this outfit off after the event.  This skirt is ahhhhmazing.  The pleats are adorable (tennis, anyone?), but more importantly, the fit was perfect.  It has slightly longer tights underneath which you can’t see from this angle, but I liked that when the skirted “swooshed” when walking / running, you wouldn’t be flashing a lot of leg–just some black tights.  I have a feeling this may be my next running skirt.  The top is great too–a nice, basic long sleeved tee that longer in the back…just like I like it.  Nobody wants to feel the cold wind when bending over to tie your shoes!  Hope you ladies enjoyed!  These items are all available at Fort Worth Running Company, so go check it out!  I’ll put more pics from the night on my Facebook page, so be sure to check those out too!


Design Review: Running Skirts

3 Oct

When John and I first moved to Texas, we were in a brand new environment–far away from family and everything we’d ever known.  The first thing we did was join a church and small group, where we met some of our best friends in Texas.  The second thing I did was join a running group to train for a marathon.  I thought it would be a good motivator to get in shape and meet new people.  I searched around and settled on a training group run by Fort Worth Running Company.  After first day jitters, I settled into a pace and a couple miles in, turned and met my now longtime friend and running partner, Carla.  Lately, since I’ve been working in Dallas, I haven’t been able to go to the weeknight runs with the group, but I’m excited to join in on the Saturday morning runs now that I’m training again.  There’s just something about watching the sunrise over the Fort Worth skyline 2 miles into a good run (yeah, go ahead and call me crazy).

Anyway, all this to say that when I decided to finally branch out and try out a running skirt, I went to Fort Worth Running Company.  I pretty much know everyone in the store (you run that many miles together, they become family!).  Plus, running skirts are definitely something you want to try on before buying!  I tried on 5 or 6 and settled on the Nike Pacer Running Skirt.  It’s light, airy, loose, and I love it!  I’ve now run in it a couple times and love that it is comfortable, cute and practical at the same time.  It even has a zipper pocket in the back!  I think I’m a convert to running skirts.  The best part?  I took Jack (kitty) to the vet after the run without even changing.  Yep.  Pretty sweet.  What are your thoughts on running skirts?  Have you ever tried them?  Be sure to try them on before buying—there are so many different varieties out there!

And because I’m keeping it real…I took some pictures AFTER a 5 mile run.

Guess what?

24 Jun

You’re not going to find me here today.  You’re going to find me HERE! Jessica from Splendiferous Inclinations invited me to do a guest post on a John Freida product! So go check it out!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Design Review: Target Go BRIGHT!

1 Jun

I couldn’t resist, ladies!  I had to go try on Monday’s outfit at Target.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.  For reference, I’m 5’4″, wearing a size small skirt and medium shirt.  (Excuse the weird hair.  Day off = Minimum effort) Here’s my review:

Thought #1:

I LOVE bright colors!  These colors don’t fail to impress.  The blue is brilliant.  The green / yellow is luxe.  I think the shirt could be challenging to wear separately, though, since it’s a very distinct color.  I could be up for a challenge though!  I think it may call for a pair of white jeans. Hmmm, I suspect I could be falling into a trap.  Buy this to match that, then buy this to match this other thing.

Thought #2:

This is one of the first high waisted skirts that I’ve found that looks good on me.  I think it’s because it’s not uber-poofy (oh yeah, that’s a word).  It’s enough do a bit of camouflage work instead of drawing attention with its poofiness.  I love that it looks like I’m checking out my own booty in this picture (wait, I guess I am).  No worries for you taller ladies.  It would look good worn lower too!

Thought #3:

I also tried it out with a tighter tank top.  You know–poofy bottoms looks good with tight tops and vice versa.  I did actually like it (plus, the green / yellow color was a PERFECT match) but I think the shirt with the sleeves makes it a bit more grown up.  Plus, it’s always comfier to wear something loose in the hot summer.

Thought #4:

Accessories.  I do like this bracelet, but wasn’t able to justify it for around $20.  Maybe next month?  I’m also still holding out for this white watch.  And lastly, they didn’t have my size in any of the espadrilles, but I love, love, love how they looked so I bought them online in blush patent leather (check ’em out!).  (Blush / nude patent leather shoes have been on my list for awhile–remember this post?)

So what do you think, ladies?  Would you try out this look?  I decided to take the plunge into summer and get it!

Here’s a reminder of the items from the last post:

Top: $22.99

Skirt: $29.99

Shoes: $24.99 (they come in lots of colors!)

Watch: $12.99

Bracelet: $19.99 (In Stores Only)

Earrings: $9.99

TOTAL: $120.94

Finally…the Results!

28 Mar

A week later, I’m finally posting what I wore to the Groundbreaking!  A quick recap of the options:

Again, thanks for the votes–since it was a tie, I still ended up making the decision. This ended up being a bit more complicated for a number of reasons:

  1. The patterned dress wasn’t available at Kohl’s. (I did order it, but not in time!)
  2. The solid black dress at Target required alterations. (I need to remember that A-line is my friend when it comes to alterations.)
  3. The pattered sweater was not as pretty in person…in fact, it looked somewhat low quality.
  4. The red earrings were at Kohl’s (yea!) but looked ginormous on my little ears (bummer!)

Thus, modifications were made, but I think it turned out well. I found another black dress at Target (on clearance even!). It has cap sleeves, and since it was such a warm day last Monday, I didn’t even need the sweater. Plus, I re-mixed it for church yesterday, and husband told me he really liked it. Which, let’s face it, is really icing on the cake…and the cake.

Dress (Target), Shoes (DSW – Similar), Necklace (Kohl’s),

Earrings (Kohl’s), Bracelet (Gift – Similar)

The local stray decided that this was an opportune time to say hello.

The Re-Mix


Re-mix: Dress (Target), Sweater (Old Navy – Similar), Shoes (Palladium—although I did NOT spend this much on them), Tights (Kohl’s), Necklace (Dunno – Similar), Earrings (Gift – Similar)

P.S. The patterned dress arrived yesterday, and I really like it too! Turns out it has a lot of blue in it, which I didn’t see online but was a pleasant surprise. So I guess both sides won since I’m sure I’ll wear it soon too.

Design Review: Ann Taylor LOFT

20 Feb

With all the sales going on for President’s Day, I decided to do a little shopping this afternoon. I stopped in at Ann Taylor LOFT to try on the cargo pants I suggested as a key piece in this post. Here are the realizations I came to while determining whether to purchase them:

Realization #1:

The model is at least 6′-8” tall because those pants make her legs look at least a mile long.

Realization #2:

I am 5′-4” tall and need to wear these closer to knee length so the proportions look right. For reference, these pants are a size 6 regular. They didn’t have them in petite or short at the store, but it didn’t really matter since I just rolled them up a bit more.

Realization #3:

I already have a white button up shirt, navy sweater, and peep toe pumps so that I could wear a similar version of the outfit with only the purchase of pants and belt. (I do like the striped sweater better, but we all have to live within our budget, right?!)

Realization #4:

I often end up liking the way pants look from the front but don’t like it from the side (anyone else have a booty like mine?) I was pleasantly surprised that these worked fairly well, especially with the sweater.

Realization #5:

These pants do not look good unrolled, BUT they do work with flats! Bonus points for versatility.

So did I purchase them?

I did, in fact, buy them at 25% off for around $45. I may hold on to them for a bit to see if they go on further sale, but I decided to take the plunge because I liked that they were comfortable, different than anything I already own, and versatile for the summer since I hate shorts (more on that later). For some of you (like me), splurging on pants is the way to go since they are much more difficult to find in a good fit.  As always, you can make my day by leaving a comment!  Hope that you have a wonderful week!