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Fall Trends: Corduroy Pants

17 Oct

Personally, I think cords are a trend every year.  So it’s interesting to note that I don’t own any pairs.  I know I did at one point…wonder what ever happened to those?  Hopefully I gave them to Goodwill so some other lovely lady is enjoying them right now.  Anyhow, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a pair this season.  I’ve mentioned it before, but pants are difficult for me to find in a good fit.  They are something for which I’m willing to pay full price and get alterations.  An ill-fitting pair of pant on someone can ruin an otherwise great look (I know I’ve been guilty of that on several occasions!).  I’m hoping to sneak in a shopping trip to try on some of the styles below and *hopefully* find at least one style that fits!  What about you?  What piece of clothing are you willing to pay up for to find in a good fit?  What’s your favorite style below?  Personally, I think a bootcut cord will withstand the test of time but those skinny cords sure are cute…!

1 – Ann Taylor LOFT $59.50

2 – Ann Taylor LOFT $59.50

3 – Ann Taylor $88

4 – J.Crew $69.50

5 – NY&Co $49.95

6 – Banana Republic $79.50


Trench Coats

12 Oct

I have this thing for coats.  I think it’s the Michigander in me that just won’t let it go.  I’ve been used to so many years of wearing a coat for 6 months of the year that I’m always on the lookout for a new one.  However, I don’t buy a lot of coats.  How could I justify that?!  I live in Texas, where a winter jacket is pulled out twice a year…one of those times being to pack it up for a trip to Michigan.  Part of the reason for leaving my winter jackets in the closet is that my Michigan coats are super warm.  They have to be!  So maybe that’s what I need to do…get a coat that’s not so warm!  On that note, I’ve been perusing trench coats.  They’re such a classic silhouette.  Here’s a couple of my favorites so far:

Top (J.Crew $398)

Bottom (Anthropologie $99.95)

My favorite winter coat is from J.Crew.  In my humble opinion, J.Crew wool outerwear is the best around.  Hands down.  Mine has lasted for a good 7-8 years, continues to stay classic, and I still get compliments on how beautiful it is.  This particular J.Crew trench is way out of my price range, but isn’t that tulle on the inside adorable?  My inner ballerina loves it.

Anthropologie consistently has the most whimsical and detailed clothing around.  A bright red trench with a corseted back?  Stunning.  Red (along with black and khaki) are so classic to me as well.  If you’re not big into bright colors, you can call me crazy, but when has red ever been out of style?  It also happens to be on sale, so go snatch it up!  Do you already own a trench coat, or do you share my obsession with coats in general?

Anthro Sale!

5 Oct

Anthropologie is having a sale on several already-on-sale items…an extra 25% off until 10/10!  Just thought you should know–if you’re an Anthro lover, you know this is rare!  I thought I’d share a few of my favorites, and I’d love to hear about yours, too!

Silk Buttondown: $49.95 $37.46

So Saturated Blazer: $49.95 $37.46

Lapel Skirt: $49.95 $37.46

Lemon Liftoff Blouse: $59.95 $44.96

Long Jane Loungers: $29.95 $22.46

Sheer Silhouette Top: $49.95 $37.46

Weekend Window Shopping: Anthropologie

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! I was fortunate to have my mom in town for this Mother’s Day. It was great to get the opportunity to spend the day with her, bumming around town having Sonic snacks and walking in the park. It’s hard living far from family, so I sure love it when they come to visit!

I haven’t done any shopping for awhile (so busy with home improvements!), so I decided to do a bit of window shopping at Anthropologie instead. I pretty much stick to their sale section, considering it’s all I can afford and / or justify. These are my current favorites…full of stripes, flowers, and flowing shapes. What are your window shopping favorites right now?

1 – Translucent Dolman Tee ($19.95)

 2 – Endless Horizons Top ($29.95)

 3 – Full Flourish Cardigan ($29.95)

 4 – Visionary Skirt ($19.95)

 5 – Paperbag Knit Crops ($29.95)

 6 – Triumvirate Belts ($29.95) Three belts for the price of one?! Yes, please!

7 – Stacked Window Wedges ($229.95) Okay, fine. Still out of my price range. A girl can dream, right?

 8 – Curiosity Shop Necklace ($29.95)

 9 – Cloudscape Socks ($4.95)