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Fall Trends: Corduroy Pants

17 Oct

Personally, I think cords are a trend every year.  So it’s interesting to note that I don’t own any pairs.  I know I did at one point…wonder what ever happened to those?  Hopefully I gave them to Goodwill so some other lovely lady is enjoying them right now.  Anyhow, I’ll be keeping my eyes open for a pair this season.  I’ve mentioned it before, but pants are difficult for me to find in a good fit.  They are something for which I’m willing to pay full price and get alterations.  An ill-fitting pair of pant on someone can ruin an otherwise great look (I know I’ve been guilty of that on several occasions!).  I’m hoping to sneak in a shopping trip to try on some of the styles below and *hopefully* find at least one style that fits!  What about you?  What piece of clothing are you willing to pay up for to find in a good fit?  What’s your favorite style below?  Personally, I think a bootcut cord will withstand the test of time but those skinny cords sure are cute…!

1 – Ann Taylor LOFT $59.50

2 – Ann Taylor LOFT $59.50

3 – Ann Taylor $88

4 – J.Crew $69.50

5 – NY&Co $49.95

6 – Banana Republic $79.50


Weekend at the Ranch

16 May

John and I were introduced to a REAL Texas ranch this weekend. We celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday with barbeque, a bonfire, and some great music. It reminded me that I really need to get some cowboy boots, and maybe even a hat to top it off. John is not so excited about those prospects…but come on, we’ve been here 4 years!

Here’s a glimpse of my casual Friday look.  Am I the only one who thinks that skinny jeans feel like sweatpants? I love them, especially to kick off a relaxing and fun weekend. What’s your go-to casual look?

(Jeans: Banana Republic – similar, Tshirt: Gap, Cardigan: LOFT – similar, Scarf: Gift – similar, Shoes: Gianni Bini @ Dillards – similar)

Sunshine and Wildflowers

23 Apr

Sometimes I wish I could have a yard full of wildflowers.  They are in full bloom right now and it is stunning.  It’s the one thing I enjoy about my hour+ drive every morning and evening.  The highways are lined with thousands of wildflowers, just asking me to stop and stare…you know, if I wasn’t driving.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!  The Lord is risen!

Izzy and I have the same expression when basking in the sun.

Cargo pants (LOFT), White Tank (NY&Co-similar),  White Tshirt (Old Navy), Necklace (Gifted-similar), Shoes (Boutique-similar)

Re-Engineered: LOFT Shorts and Sequins

11 Apr

It was a hot 90 degrees here this weekend, and I actually broke out a pair of shorts on Saturday and Sunday. I surprised myself since I usually forgo shorts until the heat of July and August when they become imperative. Even then, I usually go for a skirt or dress instead of the dreaded shorts (Why do they have to squish your thighs out when you sit down?!). However, I spent the days out in the heat shopping and running errands and decided to go for it. Which brings me to today’s re-engineered outfit….shorts! I love this take on shorts by LOFT for a number of reasons—stripes liven up the shorts while managing to remain a versatile wardrobe piece, sequins (need I say more?), and a linen blazer dresses up the outfit while remaining cool and chic. So what do you think? Is this reason enough for you to wear shorts this summer? Do you already love shorts? How do you wear them? I need suggestions since I own so few!

LOFT ($306)

Linen Blazer (J.Jill): $24.99

Sequin Tank (Forever 21): $19.80

Striped Shorts (Forever 21): $17.80

Sandals (Target): $15.00

Bracelet (Kohl’s): $13.00

Necklace (Kohl’s): $13.00

TOTAL: $103.59

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation

6 Apr

As a result of several very long days at work, here are a few things that have happened to me in the past 24 hours (for your amusement, of course!):

  1. When ordering dinner Tuesday night, I repeatedly ordered the “Tuscon” salad (think Tuscon, Arizona) when in reality it was the TuscAn salad. No wonder that guy was confused.
  2. I drove across the DFW metroplex at midnight and made it home in a record breaking 30 minutes flat. (It’s normally a good 50-60 minutes in light traffic)
  3. I forgot my purse at work.
  4. I left for work this morning, realized I needed to get gas, then finally realized I forgot my purse. Insert subsequent phone calls to husband trying to figure out how I am going to pay for said gas. I end up turning the car around and searching the office for a spare credit card. The coin jar was my backup, but thankfully I found the credit card.
  5. Midway through the 70 minute morning commute, I look in the mirror and realize I only put on my foundation this morning and nothing else. No blush, no mascara, no lipstick, nothing. Oops.

What do you think—should I go to bed early tonight? Don’t worry—I am headed that way! In the meantime, check out this outfit from LOFT. It makes me want to buy a pair of shorts, or at least try them on!

Design Review: Ann Taylor LOFT

20 Feb

With all the sales going on for President’s Day, I decided to do a little shopping this afternoon. I stopped in at Ann Taylor LOFT to try on the cargo pants I suggested as a key piece in this post. Here are the realizations I came to while determining whether to purchase them:

Realization #1:

The model is at least 6′-8” tall because those pants make her legs look at least a mile long.

Realization #2:

I am 5′-4” tall and need to wear these closer to knee length so the proportions look right. For reference, these pants are a size 6 regular. They didn’t have them in petite or short at the store, but it didn’t really matter since I just rolled them up a bit more.

Realization #3:

I already have a white button up shirt, navy sweater, and peep toe pumps so that I could wear a similar version of the outfit with only the purchase of pants and belt. (I do like the striped sweater better, but we all have to live within our budget, right?!)

Realization #4:

I often end up liking the way pants look from the front but don’t like it from the side (anyone else have a booty like mine?) I was pleasantly surprised that these worked fairly well, especially with the sweater.

Realization #5:

These pants do not look good unrolled, BUT they do work with flats! Bonus points for versatility.

So did I purchase them?

I did, in fact, buy them at 25% off for around $45. I may hold on to them for a bit to see if they go on further sale, but I decided to take the plunge because I liked that they were comfortable, different than anything I already own, and versatile for the summer since I hate shorts (more on that later). For some of you (like me), splurging on pants is the way to go since they are much more difficult to find in a good fit.  As always, you can make my day by leaving a comment!  Hope that you have a wonderful week!