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A Cool Breeze

21 Oct

I’ve started to pull items from my winter clothes bins!  It’s funny how each season I’m pleasantly surprised when going through the bins I had so carefully packed up several months before.  I always forget about so many items!  Not that I’ve really started unpacking the bins…oh no, I always start by pawing through them for several weeks until I finally find a Saturday to switch everything out in the closet.  Anyway, this outfit isn’t any winter items–I decided I need to pull out a summer tee to get some more wear in before packing it away (you know, in several weeks when I get around to it).  Happy weekend!  I’ve got too many fun things planned to sit in my closet this weekend!

Brrrr!  It’s cold enough to wear a coat!!

{Khakis: Gap, Shirt: Old Navy, Sweater: Anthropologie, Shoes: Target, Belt: NY&Co, Necklaces: F21 & Fossil, Watch: Fosssil, Coat: F21}


Fashion Expansion: Pleats

21 Jul

You may remember that my summer wishlist included a pleated skirt.  I haven’t purchased it (yet), but I continue to be enamored by all things pleated.  I suppose it’s the girly-girl in me that swoons for flowy yet refined shapes.  So, for your enjoyment (and mine!), I thought I would give you some ideas on how to jump into this style…whether it be with allover pleats, or just a few tucks here and there.   Personally, I’ll probably stick to pleated skirts and dresses.  For those of us blessed with ample derrieres or hips, I’ve found that the pleated shorts have a tendency to draw attention to the area while flowy skirts or dresses will complement it.  How about you?  Have you jumped on the bandwagon, or are you sitting this one out?


1 – ModCloth ($49.99)

2 – ASOS ($32.75 – sale)

3 – Piperlime ($29.97 – sale)

4 – Kohl’s ($37.50 – sale)


1 – Urban Outfitters ($49)

2 – JCrew ($59.50 – sale)

3 – Forever 21 ($14.80)

4 – ASOS ($86.20)


1 – Gap ($15.99 – sale)

2 – Alloy ($23.90 – sale)

3 – Old Navy ($15.00 – sale)

4 – Forever 21 ($11.00 – sale)

Re-Engineered: Anthro Chop Chop Outfit

18 May

I have to admit, when I saw this outfit at Anthro, I swooned. Pattern mixing and bright colors make it a great eclectic look. I decided to use it as a loose inspiration….I stress loose since, let’s face it, Anthro has some one of kind patterns and unique colors. Plus, I wanted to give it my own take. So, what do you think? Are you jumping on the bandwagon of pattern mixing?

 Anthro Chop-Chop Outfit (Total: $237.95)

Skirt (Forever 21): $14.90

Shirt (Old Navy): $11.99

Belt (Forever 21): $6.80

Shoes (Target): $29.99

TOTAL: $63.68

Fashion Expansion: Nude Shoes

4 May

Hey, that rhymes! Okay, sorta rhymes. I wasn’t sure of what to call it…Tan? Off-white? Beige? Take your pick. Husband was skeptical of this title, but at least I got a little chuckle out of him.

I am on the lookout for the perfect (several) pairs of nude shoes. My first selection would be nude patent leather pumps. So many options—seriously, what outfit would that color not go with? Especially for the upcoming summer! If you’re looking to simply try it out, go for the F21 or Target options—inexpensive and classic. My favorites (after the classics) below are the T-straps and the flats…or maybe the strappy wedges. Do you already own a pair? Send me a picture—I want to see how YOU wear them!

(1) Gabriella Rocha (Zappos): $69

(2) Forever 21: $22.80

(3) Mossimo (Target): $29.99

(4) Fergalicious (DSW): $39.95

(5) Mix No. 6 (DSW): $39.95

(6) Jones New York (DSW): $59.95

(7) Restricted Grapevine (DSW): $59.95

Sole Sourced: Forever 21

2 May

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was refreshing. Mine certainly was, although you wouldn’t think so by looking at the mess inside my house. We are midway through the flooring/baseboard/office renovation, and I wish I were home helping my dad as he continues to install baseboard. The furniture throughout the house is scattered in each room, and I’m embracing the mess…sort of. I suppose I’m embracing the vision of what it will be!

I continue to love stripes this spring and stumbled across this little beauty at Forever 21. Plus, $5?! I can barely buy a latte for that cost. I decided to peruse the rest of the site for awhile to make a full outfit. I think this is my cheapest outfit yet, and it includes a hat AND purse. Wow. I’m sold. Anyone else want to snatch this deal up?

Skirt: $5

Shirt: $6.90

Fedora: $6.00

Shoes: $18.80

Necklace: $4.80

Earrings: $3.80

Bracelet: $8.80

Purse: $22.80

 TOTAL: $76.90

Design Consultation: Pulled Together Mommy

13 Apr

I recently got this request from my dear friend, Emily:

Right now I am looking for easy, but pulled together, spring and summer outfits. I’d love to say I’d wear sundresses all the time, but that’s not happening. I don’t want to be too sporty, which is my tendency with apparel. Also, if I am going to wear shorts, I don’t want them too short… or to look like I am trying to hard. Easy, but pulled together mommy.”

Got it, hot mama! Emily lives in a cooler climate, so we trade being jealous of each other as the seasons change. She also sent me a link to a pair of shoes that she just bought to get me started. I looked for something that would transition easily from spring into summer, be on trend, and reflect her laid back personality. Plus, since Emily’s main concern is her super cute little boy, I went for something quick and easy without long necklaces for him to grab hold of! It doesn’t hurt that these are all items I want for summer and / or already own. I bought a skinny gold belt last winter, and it has been a great purchase! Goes with EVERYTHING! So what do you think? As hot mamas (with or without kids!) yourselves, would you pick up this outfit?

Cuffed Denim Shorts (Old Navy): $22.00

Lightweight Roll-Up Shirt (Old Navy): $24.50

Feather Printed Scarf (Express): $24.43

Gold Belt (Urban Outfitters): $15 (or NY&Co)

Earrings (Forever 21): $3.80

Shoes (Merrells): $90

TOTAL: $89.73 (Excluding Shoes)

Re-Engineered: LOFT Shorts and Sequins

11 Apr

It was a hot 90 degrees here this weekend, and I actually broke out a pair of shorts on Saturday and Sunday. I surprised myself since I usually forgo shorts until the heat of July and August when they become imperative. Even then, I usually go for a skirt or dress instead of the dreaded shorts (Why do they have to squish your thighs out when you sit down?!). However, I spent the days out in the heat shopping and running errands and decided to go for it. Which brings me to today’s re-engineered outfit….shorts! I love this take on shorts by LOFT for a number of reasons—stripes liven up the shorts while managing to remain a versatile wardrobe piece, sequins (need I say more?), and a linen blazer dresses up the outfit while remaining cool and chic. So what do you think? Is this reason enough for you to wear shorts this summer? Do you already love shorts? How do you wear them? I need suggestions since I own so few!

LOFT ($306)

Linen Blazer (J.Jill): $24.99

Sequin Tank (Forever 21): $19.80

Striped Shorts (Forever 21): $17.80

Sandals (Target): $15.00

Bracelet (Kohl’s): $13.00

Necklace (Kohl’s): $13.00

TOTAL: $103.59

Design Consultation: Express Striped Racerback Tank

9 Mar

Striped Racerback Tank (Express)

My lovely friend, Shannon, asked for accessory suggestions for some recent summer tops she just purchased from Express. We’ll start with this striped selection, and I decided to take it one step further and do a whole outfit. I’m honored for this opportunity since Shannon is such a stylish gal already. Without further ado, here it is:

Striped Racerback Tank (Express): $19.90 (+ buy one, get one half off!)

Belted Cinch Waist Skirt (Old Navy): $19.50 (Almost sold out online but should be available in stores)

Braided Gladiator Sandal (Wet Seal): $19.80

Framed Pendant Necklace (Forever 21): $6.80

Shimmering Beaded Bracelet (Forever 21): $6.80

Bohemian Trio Earring Set (Forever 21): $3.80 (You get 3 different pairs!!)

TOTAL: $76.60

I know, I know…I already used this skirt in the last post! I couldn’t resist because I’m loving high waisted skirts this season and Shannon will have legs for miles in it. I’m also loving long, simple pendant necklaces, and coral or turquoise will always be a classic choice. Lastly, Shannon loves flats, so I chose a gladiator sandal that will be easy to walk in for all the summer festivals she’s sure to enjoy. What do you think? Is this something you would wear this summer?

(AND, congrats to Michelle for guessing my recent purchases correctly in the 3/7 post! You get a Starbucks gift card!)

Re-Engineered: J.Crew

2 Mar

Today I’m feeling less sore and ready to run again (well, maybe not QUITE yet), but regardless, I think a couple more days of flats are in order to heal my feet! And you all are in luck, because I found this little beauty at J.Crew:

J.Crew (Look #4): $475

And you know what else? I couldn’t decide on just one outfit to match it, so I made two! The first selection includes the J.Crew blue sweatshirt as my key piece. I thought I would surely be able to find something similar for less, but alas, it was not the case. J.Crew really does have stunning colors for their clothing and it is difficult to find replications of the color elsewhere (for less money). As for the rest of the outfit, I somewhat selfishly chose the cropped pants from Target because they’re a bit shorter (which would end up being longer on me), and I would definitely need the J.Crew version hemmed so they wouldn’t be high water pants.

Sweatshirt (J.Crew): $59.50

White Shirt (Walmart): $6.00

Scarf (Kohl’s): $18.00

Pants (Target): $21.99

Shoes (Forever 21): $9.80

TOTAL: $115.29

So that’s a lot cheaper, right? Well, what if you like the style but still can’t bring yourself to pay almost $60 for a sweatshirt? No problem. How about we try something in purple and grey instead? The Express scarf is so gorgeous, so versatile, and really ties it all together. Did I mention it’s on sale? I do miss the floral shoes in this outfit, and I may be purchasing those anyway because they’re just so darn cute. Hope you enjoy and let me know which outfit you like better!

Sweatshirt (Target): $24.99

Purple Shirt (Walmart): $7.00

Scarf (Express): $20.93

Pants (Target): $21.99

Shoes (Forever 21): $9.80

Total: $84.71

P.S. I love the bright red lipstick on the J.Crew model. Maybe we should all try that out too?