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A Cool Breeze

21 Oct

I’ve started to pull items from my winter clothes bins!  It’s funny how each season I’m pleasantly surprised when going through the bins I had so carefully packed up several months before.  I always forget about so many items!  Not that I’ve really started unpacking the bins…oh no, I always start by pawing through them for several weeks until I finally find a Saturday to switch everything out in the closet.  Anyway, this outfit isn’t any winter items–I decided I need to pull out a summer tee to get some more wear in before packing it away (you know, in several weeks when I get around to it).  Happy weekend!  I’ve got too many fun things planned to sit in my closet this weekend!

Brrrr!  It’s cold enough to wear a coat!!

{Khakis: Gap, Shirt: Old Navy, Sweater: Anthropologie, Shoes: Target, Belt: NY&Co, Necklaces: F21 & Fossil, Watch: Fosssil, Coat: F21}


Re-Engineered: Fossil Fall Style

21 Sep

Last weekend it cooled off a bit, and I couldn’t help but notice several women out-and-about with cuffed jeans.  I love how it looked on them (all shapes and sizes!) and it’s now on my fall wish list.  Length is key with cuffed jeans—you need them loose enough at the bottom to adjust the length with the cuff, but tight enough at the bottom that they don’t look like a surfer roll.  My quest begins.

Now, I also ran across Fossil’s latest look book (love, love, love everything they are doing lately), and found a look with both cuffed jeans AND oxford heels (also on my fall wish list!).  Without further ado, I give you my own take on their lovely, classic look for fall.  I love the modern twist with the oxfords and socks—definitely trying that this year!

Oh, and if I had to pick one item to pay full price for, it would be the shoes…or maybe the watch.   Love them both, and they’d last forever!

Fossil Fall Look Book (TOTAL Cost: $399)

Jeans (Forever 21): $27.80

Shirt (Express): $29.99

Shoes (Target): $29.99

Watch (Style & Co via Macy’s): $29.98

Socks (TopShop):  $8.00

TOTAL Cost: $125.76

Summer Wishlist

5 Jun

For me, this summer is all about mixing crisp neutrals and bold colors. Bright sunlight, long days, barbeques and margaritas on an outdoor patio all welcome bold, cheery shades of yellow, blue, red, and pink. Let it take the stage by pairing it with a neutral base or accessories. As for shapes, I love loose, flowing shapes (such as the pleated skirt below) and wide leg jeans (universally flattering). If you’ve read this blog for a bit, you know I need to throw a blazer in there too because layering structured shapes just happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. While it wouldn’t be needed for an outdoor event, I still love it for inside cold restaurants, shopping centers, and the icebox that is my office. (Anybody else stock their office with winter parkas?)

So what’s on your wishlist this summer? Have you already found something that you LOVE and can’t stop wearing? Send me a picture or a link—I love to find things that are already tried and true!

Pleated Skirt (UO): $49.00

White Jeans (Gap): $69.50

Pink Blazer (Zara): $99.90

Espadrilles Shoes (Target): $24.99

Bright Patent Belts (Topshop): $24.00

White Watch (Fossil): $105.00