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Fall Layers

14 Oct

I have long been inspired by the style of Blair over at Atlantic-Pacific.  Her ability to mix patterns and textures is amazing.  In looking through my closet today, I was inspired to add an extra layer to my own outfit for a bit more dimension.  It was fun and finally cool enough to try it out!  What about you?  Who are you inspired by lately?  (And no, it doesn’t need to be fashion related!)  Speaking of inspiration, I also attended a fashion show at Fort Worth Running Company this week….so fun!  I’ll be posting on it next week so stay tuned!

{Banana Republic Jeans, Anthropologie Tank, NY&Co Button Up-similar, Kohl’s Sweater, Target Flats}


Fashion Expansion: Pleats

21 Jul

You may remember that my summer wishlist included a pleated skirt.  I haven’t purchased it (yet), but I continue to be enamored by all things pleated.  I suppose it’s the girly-girl in me that swoons for flowy yet refined shapes.  So, for your enjoyment (and mine!), I thought I would give you some ideas on how to jump into this style…whether it be with allover pleats, or just a few tucks here and there.   Personally, I’ll probably stick to pleated skirts and dresses.  For those of us blessed with ample derrieres or hips, I’ve found that the pleated shorts have a tendency to draw attention to the area while flowy skirts or dresses will complement it.  How about you?  Have you jumped on the bandwagon, or are you sitting this one out?


1 – ModCloth ($49.99)

2 – ASOS ($32.75 – sale)

3 – Piperlime ($29.97 – sale)

4 – Kohl’s ($37.50 – sale)


1 – Urban Outfitters ($49)

2 – JCrew ($59.50 – sale)

3 – Forever 21 ($14.80)

4 – ASOS ($86.20)


1 – Gap ($15.99 – sale)

2 – Alloy ($23.90 – sale)

3 – Old Navy ($15.00 – sale)

4 – Forever 21 ($11.00 – sale)

Everybody, Everywear: Florals

10 May

Random question of the day: Do you close your eyes when you sneeze? I do. Does everyone? I ask this because with all these allergies, I often sneeze on my drive home…and subsequently close my eyes for a split second while driving. I know I’m crazy, but it makes me nervous because I drive with other crazy Texas drivers on very busy freeways! Anyway, I assumed everyone closed their eyes when sneezing, but then I remembered that my soccer coach always called me out on closing my eyes when heading a ball—apparently not everyone does that! So now it’s got me wondering…

Anyway, I decided to join in this month’s Everybody, Everywear. I picked up this floral shirt for a steal at Banana Republic. It’s ended up being a great purchase. I’ve been able to remix it in several ways already. Enough about that, check out how everyone else is wearing it at Everybody, Everywear!

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

(Jeans:Target – similar, Jacket:Buckle – similar, Shirt:Banana Republic – similar, Shoes:Target – similar, Belt: NY&Co – similar)

Easter Sunday

27 Apr

Let’s pretend I wrote this on Monday since that’s closer to Easter….

Growing up, did anyone else get new Easter dresses every year? It was always so fun going to church in a new dress every year. I always felt like I was “dressing up” for God, celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. If there was ever an occasion for celebration, Easter would be it! I decided to do that again this year, and it was a lot of fun. I’ve been inspired by all the flowery skirts and dresses around the fashion blogosphere (WhatIWore, Selective Potential, Kendi Everyday), so much so that I’ve invested in a few of my own this year. I’m now ready to tackle the Texas summer! Should be better than all the capris I wore last year (HOT!). Plus, let’s face it.  I’m going to need something other than capris to get the white out of my legs.  

What do you think? What are you investing in for the summer months? Do you already have a great summer wardrobe? I’d love to hear about the key pieces in your own wardrobe!

(Dress: Kohl’s, Shoes: Steve Madden-similar, Necklace: Fossil,Sweater:Target-similar, Belt: Gift-similar)

Love this cutie!

Weekend Update

25 Apr

Good morning, lovelies!  Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating our Risen King!  We surely did–my favorite part of the service on Sunday was a song with the words “My God is not dead! He is surely alive, living inside me, roaring like a lion!” I need to find that song to listen to more often!  Loved it!

Also, my parents decided to come visit for a couple weeks, starting this past Friday!  You’ll have to forgive me if my posts are a bit shorter while they are here…we want to have as much fun as possible during their visit!  They’re also helping us with some home improvement projects, so you just might get a sneak peak into our domestic life soon.

Okay, without further ado, here’s a quick look at a trip we took to the Botanic Gardens on Saturday.  That place is beautiful!  I see many picnics there in my future.  Who’s in?

Dress (Kohl’s), Necklace (Kohl’s), Sandals (Target-similar), Purse (Target)

Fashion Expansion: Cross-Body Bags

20 Apr

Okay, so cross-body bags have *technically* been around forever, but they are making a big comeback this season. And why not?! They are hands-free and effortlessly chic. So pull it out again from the back of your closet (you know you have a stack of purses back there!) and re-style it this spring. I, surprisingly, do not have one…probably due to the several moves I’ve made over the past 5 years. So I’ve been looking and picked up #4 (below) this past weekend because I was so impressed with its quality (super soft!) and go-with-everything bone color. I think husband is happy I decided on a spring bag that’s not Coach, although hypothetically speaking, if I were choosing a spring Coach bag, it would be the kristen leather hippie bag. Okay, enough of the daydreaming—what do you think of the bags below? There are so many trends going on this season (flower patterns, bold colors, bows, tassels, chains, etc.) that I tried to capture most of them in cross-body bag ideas below. What’s your favorite? Do you already own one? How would you style it? I need your ideas!

1 – Multi Coloured Straw Cross Body Bag (TopShop): $44.00

2 – Pink Floating Meadow Print Cross Body Mini Bag (TopShop): $25.00

3 – Candie’s Maisy Bow Cross-Body Handbag (Kohl’s): $15.60

4 – Merona Crossbody – Bone (Target): $24.99 (Out of Stock Online—check your local Target!)

5 – LPLP Linea Pelle Crossbody Handbag – Blue (Target): $19.99 

6 – Vecchiarelli Bag (Aldo): $30

Pattern Mixing

18 Apr

Sooooo, late last week I may or may not have made my husband sick with my cooking. Well, actually, I admit it, I’m pretty sure I did make him sick. See, the two of us aren’t big mayonnaise fans. We keep it in the fridge for one meal–chicken salad. Do you see where this is going? It was a busy night, so I made a quick chicken salad meal, ate it and put the leftovers in the fridge for John. Admittedly I felt a bit queasy later that night, but for me, a sensitive stomach is pretty standard. John had a little later that night and then another serving the following day for lunch…at which point, he was down for the count. And then I checked the expiration date on the mayonnaise. Oops. So let’s just say I get no Suzy Homemaker points for cooking this week. Poor guy. I don’t think we’ll be having mayonnaise for awhile.

Side note, I decided to mix patterns for this outfit. I’ve been seeing stripes and flowers worn together everywhere, and it’s inspiring me to mix more patterns together. Why not?! Creates some visual interest.

(Pants: Old Navy, Shirt: Old Navy, Jacket: NY&Co – similar, Shoes: ? – similar , Socks: Kohl’s)

Re-Engineered: LOFT Shorts and Sequins

11 Apr

It was a hot 90 degrees here this weekend, and I actually broke out a pair of shorts on Saturday and Sunday. I surprised myself since I usually forgo shorts until the heat of July and August when they become imperative. Even then, I usually go for a skirt or dress instead of the dreaded shorts (Why do they have to squish your thighs out when you sit down?!). However, I spent the days out in the heat shopping and running errands and decided to go for it. Which brings me to today’s re-engineered outfit….shorts! I love this take on shorts by LOFT for a number of reasons—stripes liven up the shorts while managing to remain a versatile wardrobe piece, sequins (need I say more?), and a linen blazer dresses up the outfit while remaining cool and chic. So what do you think? Is this reason enough for you to wear shorts this summer? Do you already love shorts? How do you wear them? I need suggestions since I own so few!

LOFT ($306)

Linen Blazer (J.Jill): $24.99

Sequin Tank (Forever 21): $19.80

Striped Shorts (Forever 21): $17.80

Sandals (Target): $15.00

Bracelet (Kohl’s): $13.00

Necklace (Kohl’s): $13.00

TOTAL: $103.59

Finally…the Results!

28 Mar

A week later, I’m finally posting what I wore to the Groundbreaking!  A quick recap of the options:

Again, thanks for the votes–since it was a tie, I still ended up making the decision. This ended up being a bit more complicated for a number of reasons:

  1. The patterned dress wasn’t available at Kohl’s. (I did order it, but not in time!)
  2. The solid black dress at Target required alterations. (I need to remember that A-line is my friend when it comes to alterations.)
  3. The pattered sweater was not as pretty in person…in fact, it looked somewhat low quality.
  4. The red earrings were at Kohl’s (yea!) but looked ginormous on my little ears (bummer!)

Thus, modifications were made, but I think it turned out well. I found another black dress at Target (on clearance even!). It has cap sleeves, and since it was such a warm day last Monday, I didn’t even need the sweater. Plus, I re-mixed it for church yesterday, and husband told me he really liked it. Which, let’s face it, is really icing on the cake…and the cake.

Dress (Target), Shoes (DSW – Similar), Necklace (Kohl’s),

Earrings (Kohl’s), Bracelet (Gift – Similar)

The local stray decided that this was an opportune time to say hello.

The Re-Mix


Re-mix: Dress (Target), Sweater (Old Navy – Similar), Shoes (Palladium—although I did NOT spend this much on them), Tights (Kohl’s), Necklace (Dunno – Similar), Earrings (Gift – Similar)

P.S. The patterned dress arrived yesterday, and I really like it too! Turns out it has a lot of blue in it, which I didn’t see online but was a pleasant surprise. So I guess both sides won since I’m sure I’ll wear it soon too.

Bid Day

23 Mar

Today was a crazy day at work. Let’s just say that my phone wouldn’t stop ringing from what seemed like a bazillion different people…and some of the same people calling me over and over with questions. I knew this in advance (bids were due today!) and decided today was a day for flats and no fuss. So here’s what I came up with–you may notice that I am pretty much sans jewelry. In my defense, I broke my necklace right before I left for work (you know, and already late!). I think a white watch would look great with this, though, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for something like this or perhaps more in my price range, this.

Hope you enjoy the random photos of one of my kitties, Izzy. We play a game where I “pretend” to sneak up on her. It’s quite entertaining for both of us.

(Khakis: Old Navy, Button Up: NY&Co-similar, Jacket: Old Navy-similar, Shoes: Target-similar, Earrings: Kohl’s, Belt: Dunno, Sunglasses: Random Ski Rental Place in CO)